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Local Dialect_November EP_Artwork.jpg

Local Dialect - November EP

Having played a vital role in setting the mood at Nora En Pure’s Purified events in New York, Local Dialect were destined to release on the new inprint.

The New York duo deliver a celestial offering in the form of their two-track ’November’ EP. The title track pairs a raw, reverberating bassline with a soaring vocal piece, demonstrating the pair’s expert ability to take the listener on a sonic journey. ‘Pulse’ is an instrumental creation, which radiates a powerful energy from the very first beat. With fluctuating synths and a deliciously dark bassline, this track encapsulates Local Dialect’s signature sound.

Return Of The Jaded - Soma EP

Canadian producer Return of the Jaded makes an outstanding debut on Purified Records with his two-track ‘Soma’ EP. The title production is a slow-burning creation, which radiates a brooding energy with an alluring female vocal piece and delectably dark bassline. Covering The Smashing Pumpkins ‘Soma’, this rendition features deep guitar licks and psychedelic synths and commands attention with its enticing aura. Providing an instrumental counterpart to the title track, ‘Taiga’ builds gradually across its duration and transforms into an out-of-this-world electronic masterpiece. Blending a raw and reverberating bassline with striking space-like synths, this seven-minute creation sweeps the listener off their feet on a truly otherworldly journey.

ROTJ_Soma EP_Artwork.jpg
Marius Drescher_Panem EP_Artwork.jpg

Marius Drescher - Panem EP

Marking the first release on Nora En Pure’s Purified Records imprint, Berlin’s rapidly rising producer Marius Drescher takes listeners on a trip to another dimension with his three-track ‘Panem’ EP. With a musical maturity beyond his years, Marius calls upon spacey synths and an emphatic bassline in order to form the EP’s enchanting title track. ‘Tunnel Vision’ is an outstanding cut that is motivated by moody synths and driving percussion. Throwing the listener into the deep end with an earth-shattering synth, this unforgettable addition to his back catalogue is guaranteed to elevate Marius' position in the global dance music scene. Closing the EP with ‘Ardor’, Marius delivers a carefully crafted, brooding creation that simmers across its duration. Demonstrating a different side to his sound, 'Ardor' will keep the dance floor moving with its raw energy and heavy atmosphere.